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To facilitate the construction of the second phase of the Tema Motorway grade-separated intersection, also known as the Tema Motorway roundabout project, the Ghana Highway Authority (GHA) will begin implementing road detours.

The project’s construction work is set to begin on Monday, October 2 of this year.

The GHA said in a statement that temporary traffic management and control measures, such as road diversions, would be put in place to hasten the development now underway.

Therefore, it issued a warning to drivers and the general public to pay attention to the different road detours as they approached the grade-separated Tema Motorway crossroads.

Road diversions

In order to merge with traffic coming from Tema, the authority advised drivers heading from Accra towards Afienya and Akosombo to stay in the left lane and exit onto Harbour Road, then move to the left lane and execute the U-turn after passing the pedestrian bridge. This would allow them to travel straight through the intersection.

In order to combine with the oncoming traffic, motorists traveling from Tema to Accra must also stay in the left lane, cross the flyover, and then turn around on the Akosombo Afienya Road.

Following the merge, drivers must move into the right lane and take the ramp to the Tema Highway.

It advised drivers traveling from Aflao and Dawenya to Tema to stay in the right lane and head toward the Akosombo Afienya Road. Once they have passed the pedestrian bridge and are ready to join oncoming traffic, they should make a U-turn onto this road.

Following a merge, drivers must stay in the left lane to proceed directly through the intersection.

It stated that drivers traveling from Akosombo and Afienya to Dawenya and Aflao should turn left into Tema Harbour and proceed straight through the intersection before making a U-turn on Harbour Road to combine with oncoming traffic after the pedestrian bridge.

After merging, drivers must stick to the right and take the ramp to Aflao Road.

It further stated that drivers utilizing the underpass to travel from Accra to Aflao and from Aflao to Accra should stay in the left lane.

The authority issued the following statement after expressing regret to the general public for any inconvenience the modifications may have caused them: “All motorists are asked to comply carefully with these new restrictions for the duration of the operations.

A $25 million grant agreement was signed between Ghana and Japan through the Japan International Cooperation Agency for the building of the second phase of the Tema Motorway Grade Separation Project.

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