Hopeson Adorye-1: Ejisu by-election: Arrest and charge Kingsley Nyarko for the bribery event

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“Ejisu By-Election Bribery Scandal: Hopeson Adorye Calls for Arrest of Kingsley Nyarko”

Members of the Movement for Change (M4C) Hopeson Adorye has called on the Ghana Police Service to detain and charge Kwadaso MP Kingsley Nyarko.

Claims of financial inducement in favor of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) surfaced when a widely shared video purportedly showed Mr. Nyarko laying a white package on the table in front of Electoral Commission (EC) representatives during the Ejisu by-election.

In an interview with Citi News’s Hafiz Tijani, Mr. Adorye maintained that the Kwadaso MP’s actions were unlawful and demanded that he be arrested and charged, even though the MP denied these claims.

“Thank God, one of your cameras caught an MP handing officials a huge envelope. Kingsley Nyarko has to be arrested by the police and charged with the crime. It is a crime that he has broken the law.

“As he is an NPP MP, they are ignoring that, therefore you don’t need to do anything at the polling place. Will you try to do that if someone else does it? We’re all going to act similarly in the polls in December if they don’t arrest him,” he said.

source : www.citinewsroom.com

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