The Harmattan is here; proceed with caution – Road Safety Authority


The National Road Safety Authority is advising motorists and riders to exercise caution to lessen the number of crashes on the roads following the harmattan season.

The harmattan season has arrived, which is notorious for causing poor vision, particularly for drivers as the weather turns gloomy.

Pearl Adusu Sateckla, the National Road Safety Authority’s (NRSA) public relations officer, spoke with Citi News.

“Dust accumulation, hazy weather, and obscured vision are all characteristics of this season. Drivers and motorcyclists alike should use caution. They shouldn’t take the road too early or too late at night. They ought to inspect their light. When it is misty, it ought to be on. Both the wiper and the windscreen should be in good condition.

Observe the following recommendations while driving to prevent traffic accidents that could result in fatalities or serious injuries;

  1. Maintain a safe separation from the opposing vehicle.
  2. Show patience.
  3. Keep your mirrors and windows spotless.
  4. Refrain from driving too fast.
  5. Steer clear of needless overtaking.
  6. Make use of fog or headlights (if well-equipped).
  7. Apply the low beam.
  8. Pay attention to construction and traffic signs.
  9. As a reference point, use the road’s edge line.
  10. When your car breaks down, use warning triangles to call for immediate roadside assistance.
  11. Reflective clothing is recommended for pedestrians to increase visibility and lower the chance of being run over by a car.
  12. Contractors for roads should make sure that untarred roads are always watered.
    Road collisions are thought to be decreased, if not eliminated, by the preventive methods mentioned above. Harmattan

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