Previous National Cathedral spending was problematic, according to Ahmed Ibrahim

National Cathedral

The Minority in Parliament claims that the House’s rejection of the GH 80 million allocation for the building of the National Cathedral implies that earlier money for the project were obtained through questionable means.

The administration failed to account for earlier spending on the National Cathedral, prompting the Minority to vote against the funding allocation in Parliament on Wednesday.

According to Ahmed Ibrahim, the Deputy Minority Whip, the Minority will not approve the initiative unless the Finance Ministry accounts for the cash.

Why did we as a country sit on a budget for the National Cathedral for the first time ever? The Finance Minister asserts that the prior spending was authorized, so why is the public’s attention being drawn to this one now? It is assumed that they obtained the funding for the structure through questionable ways.

However, the Minority in Parliament voted against the House’s subsequent ratification of the GH$80 million budget projections for the National Cathedral’s completion in 2023.

It happened after the Finance Ministry was unable to account for GH114 million of the GH339 million that had already been spent on the project.

This is due to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-continuous Addo’s commitment to erecting Ghana’s National Cathedral.

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