In January 2023, a new rate for freight brokers will be in force.


A new freight forwarding and clearing agents’ fee schedule for the following two years has been agreed upon by the Ghana Shippers Authority (GSA) and freight forwarders that assist importers in clearing goods at the country’s point of entry.

The new tariffs, which go into effect on January 1, 2023, have an impact on operations at Ghana’s two seaports (Tema and Takoradi), Kotoka International Airport (KIA), and the borders at Aflao and Elubo.

According to Maclean Kwofi of Graphic Online, it is in conformity with the Ghana Shippers’ Authority Regulation, 2012 (L.1.2190), which gives the authority the power to negotiate shipping service provider fees on behalf of shippers (importers and exporters).

The Committee of Freight Forwarder Associations (CoFFA), which represents forwarders and clearing agencies, and the GSA achieved an agreement on the tariffs following lengthy discussions and negotiations.

The GSA carefully scrutinized each line item and rationale that was put out during the discussion to make sure that the amounts of the fees were reasonable for the services being rendered.

The agreed-upon prices, which would apply for the following two years, are meant to help importers and exporters plan their business activities.

Additionally, it aims to provide price predictability and assess the cost of doing business in Ghana.

signing ceremony

Benonita Bismarck, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the GSA, advised the forwarders to adhere to the stipulated rates in order to foster a friendly business climate while speaking at the signing ceremony in Accra.

“We worked hard to get these pricing, which, as we agreed, are reasonable given the services you provide to importers and exporters.

We hope that your members will not charge more than this but rather feel free to charge less in accordance with your relationships with your clients, she said.


Peter Mensah, vice president of the Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders (GIFF), who signed on behalf of the freight forwarders, thanked the GSA for being transparent and fair throughout the entire negotiation process.

In keeping with the spirit of good faith that permeated the negotiations, he guaranteed that forwarders would adhere to the agreed rates.

“It is beneficial for the entire country, not just the sector. A stronger economy would increase revenue. We want to provide our clients the opportunity to acknowledge the professionalism we bring to the table.

We also want to use this as a way to vet our members and warn the public about the actions of phony forwarders.

The cost of the De-services consolidator’s has not yet been decided upon for implementation.

Attached below is thr details of the agreed rates.

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