Maria Claire Rupio, Atsu’s wife, was overcome with emotion at his funeral.

Maria Claire Rupio

Maria Claire Rupio

Christian Atsu’s widow, Maria Claire Rupio, became emotional as she attempted to read a tribute to her late husband at his burial today on the forecourt of the State House in Accra.

Mrs Rupio Twasam read the tribute with her three children, Joshua Christian Rupio Twasam, Godwin Rupio Twasam, and Abigail Rupio Twasam, as well as the player’s sister Christiana Atsupie Twasam.

When she began to read the tribute, she broke down and began to cry.

Atsu’s sister took over and read the tribute in her place.

Mrs Rupio Twasam, an author, was accompanied by two other family members to the funeral grounds.

Christian Atsu married Marie-Claire Rupio in 2012.

They first met in Portugal, when he was playing for Porto.

Despite having a high-profile husband, Marie-Claire has often kept details of her personal life out of the spotlight and off social media.

Christian and his wife had three children after they married: two sons and a daughter.

“I met my wife in Portugal, and you can see we have a beautiful family,” Christian told TV3 Sports of his family.

“We’ve been together for nine to ten years and I just love her.”

At the pre-burial service for the late Ghanaian footballer, a sea of Ghanaians dressed in traditional red-and-black mourning attire thronged the State House forecourt to pay their last respects to the fallen hero – Christian Atsu Twasam, 1992 – 2023.

Among the sorrow and tears, the solemn funeral service included a display of traditional artifacts from the star’s tribesmen.

Mourners and wreath bearers arrived in the early hours of Friday to pay their respects to the late Atsu, who died in a terrible earthquake in Turkey, at the forecourt of the State House, which was decorated in black and red, as well as some national colors to depict the state of mourning.

More than a dozen dignitaries, including sportsmen and entertainment industry icons, attended Atsu’s state-assisted funeral amid heavy security presence.

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