6.1 million SIM cards in Ghana are deactivated by NCA.

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Since the start of the mass sim registration drive, the National Communications Authority (NCA) has cancelled 6.1 million Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards that have not been registered with a Ghana card.

The subscribers whose deactivated sims were used only had stage one of the registration process completed.

At a news conference today in Accra, Mr. Joe Anokye, Director General of the NCA, announced that by the end of May this year, another 11 million active but unregistered SIM cards would be terminated.

One thing to keep in mind is that the active mass sim registration for existing SIMs is coming to an end. As previously mentioned, we still have about 11 million SIMs that have not started the registration process. These subscribers have until the end of May 2023 to finish the registration process or risk having their SIMs deactivated from the network, the official said.

More will come.

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