A Nigerian who was sentenced to 15 years in prison for human trafficking must pay GH10,000 to each victim.

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A Nigerian hairdresser who transported seven women for prostitution from Nigeria to Ghana was given a 15-year prison term.

Promise For ritual purposes, Obianu Awayiaka forced her victims to shave their pubic hair.

The purpose of the aforementioned ceremony was to coerce the captives into complying with her requests and prevent them from fleeing.

Promise, 32, appeared before a Sogakope Circuit Court and entered a guilty plea to seven charges of human trafficking. She was found guilty based on her admission of guilt. Nigerian

A promise was mandated by Mr. Isaac Addo-presiding court to compensate each victim with GH 10,000. The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) was mandated by the court to make sure that all victims had counseling before being transported back to Nigeria.

The Trial Judge held that the pregnancy test conducted on the accused person proved negative. 

The court noted that Promise had pleaded guilty to all the charges, adding that the accused person was a young woman, she had been in lawful custody for some time to enable her to undergo a pregnancy test. 

It said, “Looking at the seriousness of the offense committed, the number of victims involved, it ought to hand down a deterrent sentence to traffickers and “would be Traffickers.” 

The accused should be kept out of society for a significant amount of time, the court ruled. This heinous conduct is unmistakably a contemporary (kind of) slavery, which must be tolerated. Nigerian

Promise, now a convict, lived in Mafi-Kuamse, a neighborhood of Sogakope in the Volta Region, according to prosecuting assistant superintendent of immigration Yussif Misbawu, who was in charge of carrying out the directives of superintendent of immigration Bernard John Otoo.

According to the prosecution, Promise brought seven girls from Nigeria to Ghana under the guise of finding them work as salesgirls in a store in Kasoa, in Ghana’s Central Region, but instead pushed them into prostitution. Nigerian

According to the report, the victims (girls) arrived in two groups, the first of which included four ladies between the ages of 22 and 25.

According to the prosecution, Promise recruited and originally drove them to Kasoa, forced them to have sex with multiple men every day, and profited from their illegal business by collecting the earnings.

It claimed that after some time, security personnel in Kasoa were informed of the victims’ situation.

However, according to the prosecution, the defendant moved them to a guesthouse in Mafi Kumase, a neighborhood of Sogakope.

It was claimed that Promise abducted three additional victims (girls) from Nigeria who were 17, 20, and 23 years old and forced them into prostitution in Mafi-Kumase.

Further investigations, according to the prosecution, showed that she shaved the victims’ pubic hair as part of a routine to make sure they cooperated with her demands.

According to the report, Promise and the victims were both arrested after the Ghana Immigration Service received a notification.

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