A/R: School feeding caterers are upset about unpaid debts.

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It has been a chaotic few days for the school feeding program in the Ashanti Region.

The caterers have been in a bad mood this week due to unpaid invoices that, in some instances, go back three months.

On March 20, irate caterers who oversee school meals in the Ashanti region besieged the regional office and demanded payment for nine months’ worth of arrears. School feeding

A raise in the feeding grant, which is presently set at 97 pesewas per head, was also requested by the caterers. The caterers desire a GHS3 evaluation.

The government has paid off the initial portion of the remaining debt as of March 27.

The school feeding subsidy, however, does not change.

“We bemoaned a lot, but nothing changed. They owe us three years, but they have only paid one and even that is not in full. An incensed chef, Dorothy Ofori-Sarpong, told 3news.com Jonathan Aidoo

They arrived at the regional minister’s office after protests, but Simon Osei Mensah wasn’t having any of that.

The agitated ladies were ignored by the minister.

The caterers claim they have pulled their services with immediate effect after being further incensed by this.

We won’t start cooking until we get good news from the administration. A chef exploded

This could result in serious feeding issues for numerous institutions in the area. In order to reduce absenteeism and promote equitable education, the school feeding program was implemented during the previous President Kufour’s government.

Recent events put the program’s justification in jeopardy.

The regional minister’s position is unlikely to change as a result of the strike.

While expressing sympathy to the caterers for the payment delay, he claims to be totally opposed to their method of protest.

“I feel sorry for them…However, we shouldn’t resort to criminal activity to address issues, according to Simon Osei-Mensah.

As a result of the impasse, many kids may go without food while they are at school.

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