Be mindful of duty to nation — CDS to soldiers


Vice Admiral Seth Amoama, the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), has reminded soldiers to show a strong sense of commitment and determination in the fulfillment of their national service obligations.
In all of their endeavors, he said, they must uphold professionalism, discipline, and commitment as a mantle.

“Let us reaffirm that it is our responsibility to support the Government’s endeavor by providing an enabling security environment for rapid national development and growth, consequently boosting the citizenry’s standard of living,” he continued.

In his speech to the military during his end-of-year reception in Accra following a health walk, Vice Admiral Amoama stated that the uniformed personnel had a duty to serve the country.

He urged soldiers to protect the GAF’s reputation for professionalism both within and, more importantly, when performing tasks such as peacekeeping missions abroad.

“Let us continue to retain our good reputation and high professional standards on the international stage in the many Peacekeeping Theatres like Lebanon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, South Sudan, Gambia, Mali, and Guinea-Bissau,” he urged.

He also praised the soldiers for their commitment to the country’s cause and their professionalism, integrity, and loyalty.

That, in his opinion, allowed Ghana to achieve the required peace and stability despite the ongoing domestic difficulties.

The CDS stated that his top aim for 2023 was to encourage improved cooperation between the three agencies in order to deal with the numerous challenges, particularly terrorism, abduction, armed robbery, and secessionist tendencies.

Following the health walk at the Nicholson Stadium, Naval Commander Benedict Quayson of the GAF’s Religious Affairs Directorate addressed the Soldiers. He noted that the Military High Command and his organization had commissioned an amusement centre and organized an exhibition program this year.

He explained that the project was a part of a program that gave their dependents and wives a chance to display skills they had learned with assistance from the Ghana Enterprises Agency.

The end-of-year celebration also served to recognize select officers and soldiers for their outstanding performance in the CDS Prize Essay Competition this year.

Able Seaman First Class Emmanuel Baah Junior won home an ultra-modern Samsung flat screen television for taking first place in the other ranks category.

Lance Corporal Theresa Dentaa took second place and Lance Bombadier Divine Gbada took third place after this.

Major Ambitious Nazar took first place in the tournament for the officers category and was awarded a Samsung flat screen TV. Sub-Lt. Judith Dela Abra Gbenah and Lt. Col. Awintera Abugri, who placed second and third, respectively, followed him.

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