Building a national cathedral is a misplaced priority – Samini

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Speaking on The Day show earlier today, Samini, real name,  Emmanuel Andrews Samini described the decision as a misplaced priority in these challenging times.

Samini’s remark was a response to a question of whether the ruling New Patriotic Party( NPP) that he once supported had let him down.

Samini didn’t hold back his frustrations and disappointments during his submissions, with the building of the National Cathedral being of grave concern to him.

He emphasized that at a critical moment when the country needed to focus on setting its priorities right to address the prevailing economic challenges, allocating resources for the construction of a national cathedral seemed far from prudent.

“I am a person who does not buy into the idea of building a national Cathedral. That is purely a misplaced priority,” Samini stated.

He entreated the government to pay critical attention and provide resources to relevant sectors such as healthcare, education, job creation, and poverty alleviation.

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