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Sergio Busquets, a midfielder from Spain, has officially signed with Inter Miami and joined Lionel Messi’s MLS squad.

Busquets, a Designated Player at Inter Miami and a nine-time La Liga champion with Barcelona will be in his position.

Busquets and Messi are reuniting after the Argentine superstar transferred to Inter Miami after leaving PSG. When the two of them were playing together at Barcelona, they were a formidable team.

Busquets stated, “I’m very excited to take on this special and interesting position. I’m quite excited about the new opportunity. My decision to join Inter Miami is a big milestone for my career, and I can’t wait to help this ambitious team achieve its goals. When I visited the club with Barcelona last year, I was impressed, and I’m now excited to represent the team personally.

With Busquets’ departure from Barcelona, the club’s illustrious 18-year run came to an end.

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