Government, Armed Forces, and Police deny involvement with land guards

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Allegations that the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) and Ghana Police Service used land guards in their operations have been vigorously refuted by the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, GAF, and GPS.

The institutions reassured the public in separate statements that they follow the law when dealing with illegal activity and encroachments on private property.

In a press release, the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources responded to claims made by the Daily Post newspaper and Ghana Web, an online news outlet.

The ministry made it clear that none of the departments of the government, including the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, employ land guards.

Instead, the statement said that since 2012, the Lands Commission, a department-level legal body, has worked with registered limited liability business Aynok Holding Limited to help regain encroached public lands. The ministry highlighted that any state lands that have been encroached upon are recovered legally. Armed Forces

In a separate statement, the Ghanaian Armed Forces expressed shock at the news report that claimed they employed land guards to recapture encroached lands.

The GAF emphatically refuted these allegations, claiming that depending on land guards would be against their ideals and illegal. During a hearing of a Parliamentary Committee, the GAF emphasized that the claims were unfounded and came from Prof. Patrick Agbesinyale, the Chief Director of the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources. The GAF emphasized their commitment to safeguarding the nation’s borders by requesting that the media and the general public confirm such statements with their Department of Public Relations before publicizing them.

The Ghana Police Service denied reports that it used land guards to defend and regain territory.

The administration emphasized that the accusations were untrue and unsupported, pleading with the populace to ignore them. The police gave the public the reassurance that they had not hired land guards but, instead, had stepped up their operations against land guards in the impacted communities.

They reaffirmed their dedication to protecting the rule of law, ensuring everyone’s safety, and bringing criminals to justice.

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