Check out the 97 unauthorized companies offering loans via mobile apps on Bank of Ghana’s list.

Bank of Ghana

Unlicensed businesses that offer loans to Ghanaians through mobile applications have been warned by the Bank of Ghana.

According to the central bank, this is against Act 930 of 2016, the Banks and Specialized Deposit-Taking Institutions Act.

The BoG stated in a notification that it will keep taking legal action against these organizations in coordination with the appropriate state bodies to support the integrity of financial service delivery.

“Therefore, it is urged that the general public refrain from doing business with any unauthorized loan providers. The facilitation of illicit transactions involving unauthorized loan applications is prohibited. This warning applies to banks, specialized deposit-taking institutions, and payment service providers.

The warning stated, “The Bank reiterates that the activities of these entities materially violate customer data and privacy laws, as well as consumer protection requirements and norms, with adverse implications on the integrity and wellbeing of their patrons.”

The Bank of Ghana (BoG) also urged the general public to use the numerous digital credit products it has authorized and that are being offered by banks and other specialized deposit-taking institutions in collaboration with mobile money providers.

Before conducting any business with an institution, it was urged that people “generally consult the Bank’s website using the link below for the approved list of licensed institutions.”

The list of loan applications available without a license or authorization from the Bank of Ghana is provided below.

  1. Flash Cash
  2. Accra
  3. GhLending
  4. MoLoan
  5. Rapidcedi
  6. 100 Cedi
  7. Cedi Help
  8. Mascedi Consult
  9. Cediboom
  10. CashLoanPro
  11. Aircash
  12. Akwaaba Payment
  13. FourCredy
  14. Ghanalending
  15. AcornCredit
  16. Gana Loan
  17. Mach Loans Ghana
  18. Mbose
  19. Sika Bus
  20. Ultra Loan FundCedi Ghana
  21. Loan App
  22. Mika Cash Loan App
  23. New Loan Ghana
  24. Zip Loan Onloan/WantCAsh
  25. Credit Ghana App
  26. Bloomcash
  27. Home Credit
  28. Akwaaba Cash Agyenkwasika-
  29. Personal loan
  30. Cash Way 
  31. Momo cash loans
  32. Prime Loans
  33. Easy Access Loans 
  34. Cashpal Online Loan 
  35. Happy Loan
  36. Money Loan App 
  37. Plus Loan
  38. Mega Credit
  39. Boeing Cash
  40. Lemon Wallet
  41. Koko Cash
  42. Cola Cash/Cash Cola 
  43. Rapid money
  44. Cash Star
  45. Loan Galaxy
  46. Bitcash
  47. Ukash
  48. Funcash
  49. HelloCedi Sunny Cash/Sunny
  50. Loan
  51. Goldminer 
  52. Enjoy Credit 
  53. Cedi Wallet 
  54. Pro Kash
  55. Cedi Fie 
  56. HelaCash 
  57. Daily Cash 
  58. FiCash 
  59. Sikadua 
  60. PK Loans
  61. Quick Cash
  62. True Cedi
  63. Robin Personal Loan 
  64. Kudi Credit
  65. 1 Rapid cedi
  66. Cedistory
  67. Steadycash
  68. Soft kash
  69. Easy Kash
  70. DatesCash
  71. Boseapa
  72. YooCash
  73. Fufucredit
  74. TopCredit
  75. DeriveCash
  76. Eagle Cash
  77. Cash wave
  78. cud loan
  79. smatloan
  80. LoanPapa
  81. CoolCash 
  82. MoLoan 
  83. Rapid Cedi 
  84. cedifie
  85. MOCO
  86. Sikakasa 
  87. Chasteloan 
  88. Joy Cash
  89. Cocoaloan 
  90. Popcash 
  91. Loan hub 
  92. Creditmall 
  93. cedipros 
  94. Momcash 
  95. GETwallet
  96. Keeploan 
  97. CashCocoa

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