Don Jazzy denies obtaining phony streams for Mavin Records artists.

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Don Jazzy, the head of Mavins Records, has refuted claims that he manipulates stream counts for his artists via streaming farms.

The renowned music producer and musical artist denied the allegations in a recent interview, saying that contrary to common opinion, no such practices occur.

A segment of music fans have accused record label owners of adopting the practices to inflate the numbers of their artists. The topic of streaming farms and phony streams has become a hot topic on the internet.

Don Jazzy, however, has denied these allegations, adamant that they are unfounded and have no place in the music business.

The renowned music producer and musician denied the allegations in a recent interview, saying that, in spite of widespread belief, such methods don’t occur.There is no streaming farm, for the love of God. I don’t know if people have it, but learn from those who are excelling and leading the way, like us. There is no goddamn streaming farm, I’m telling you. It doesn’t make sense,” said Don Jazzy.

Don Jazzy said that all of his musicians would be successful if streaming farms were real, but that was not the case.

He said that an artist’s success was determined by the caliber of the music they produced and their marketing approach, not by manipulating stream counts, to further support his claim.

“Don’t just sit there and assume that someone is coming here because a streaming farm is nearby. You will only be affected, I assure you. You’ll believe it’s impossible to achieve. It is not attainable. You are doing yourself a disservice, Ogbeni, he warned.

Don Jazzy also urged artists to focus on making great music rather than getting sidetracked by false streams and other distractions.

“All these tangential discussions about how someplace has a streaming farm makes you lazy. Go ahead and produce lovely music while doing all the necessary steps to promote your tracks.

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