The Ghana Revenue Authority’s (GRA) Customs Division exceeded its revenue target for last year, collecting GH22.26 billion.

Mr Seidu said at a pull-out ceremony for Tema Sector Commander Julius Aweya Kantum (GRA) that while some obstinate traders attempted to pass on fake invoices in the processing of import declarations, the division continued to update the skills of its officers to ensure they detected and enforced trade compliance among stakeholders.


Some of the retiree’s family and friends attended the ceremony, as did retired Customs officers, including six former Sector Commanders, and two Commissioners of Customs, Wallace Akondor and John Vianney Kudamnuru, who both served as Tema Sector Commanders before being promoted to commissioner positions. GRA

Many port stakeholders attended the ceremony, which also saw Mr Kantum honor some deserving officers of the Command for their dedication to duty during his tenure in office.

Invoice forgeries

Mr Seidu noted that, while the use of fake invoices to undervalue import declarations is not unique to Ghana, the government’s removal of the benchmark discount would allow for the use of a universal valuation and classification system of goods.

Similarly, he stated that while some importers may attempt to undervalue purchase prices on their invoices in order to reduce the amount of import duty, others overvalue their invoice prices. GRA

“Those with exemptions and agreements that allow them to repatriate their profits and capitals frequently overvalue their goods by misrepresenting the price, as well as the quantity or quality of imports/exports, to enable them to take back more money than they should,” Mr Seidu noted.

Overvaluation, also known as over-invoicing, is the deliberate and fraudulent inflating of the price of goods, involving collusion between the importer and exporter. 2023 Goal Mr Seidu also announced that, while the GRA had been tasked with a revenue target of GH106 billion for 2023, the Customs Division alone was expected to raise GH28.5 billion, with the division’s top management also charged with an additional GH12 billion, bringing the total to GH33.5 billion.

Honoring the Deceased Sector

Commander for his work discipline and accomplishments over 37 years of service, Mr Seidu challenged the officers and port stakeholders to collaborate with the new sector commander who took over the baton from Mr Kantum.

“Mr Kantum has contributed towards the growth and expansion of Customs from the early 1985 and has shown great leadership in the various roles he served and I am certain that many of the people who have worked with him at various points in time,” Mr Seidu said.

Commander is no longer with us.

Mr Kantum expressed his delight in exceeding the Tema Collection’s annual target in his remarks.

“It is no secret that when Tema Collection performs exceptionally well and exceeds its target by a significant margin, it compensates for the shortfalls of other collections in order to ensure that the national target is met or exceeded,” he explained.

Mr Kantum joined the Command in 2021 after serving as the Ag. Deputy Commissioner in charge of Preventive.

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