I don’t have an obsession with winning the Grammys, but I’ll always want to give my all. Stonebwoy

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Stonebwoy , the Dancehall/Reggae Artiste of the Year, admitted that although he still dreams of getting a Grammy, he doesn’t stress about it.

He stressed that his genuine interest is continually producing his best work in an interview with Amansan Krakye while making an appearance on Cape Coast-based Property FM.

The Grammy Awards, in Stonebwoy’s opinion, are a significant platform, but his main objective is to engage fans and create music that has a lasting impact.

Obsession is not acceptable. I don’t really have a fixation with winning the Grammys or any other honors, for that matter. Rather, Stonebwoy remarked, “I have an obsession with always wanting to provide my best.

The well-known performer, who is promoting his 5th Dimension Album, said he was firmly committed to his goal of making music that connects with a variety of listeners, crosses boundaries, and popularizes Ghanaian culture.

“That I’ll be able to advance Ghanaian music, to express my talent, to win people over, and to be on all the biggest stages I can imagine,” he said. “That I’ll be able to spread a musical message around the world.”

While acknowledging the Grammy Awards’ potential to bring his music and aspirations to a worldwide audience, Stonebwoy remained grounded and practical. He claimed that prioritizing the Grammys above his fundamental dream would be unrealistic.

To suggest that the Grammys are above that objective is not practical, he admitted. “It will continue to propel my sound and my dreams to the world and I’ll be able to continue doing that.”

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