I never plotted to overthrow Akufo-Addo’s govt – 1 ACP Agordzo

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ACI Agordzo Denies Allegations of Plotting Against Akufo-Addo’s Government

Retired Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Benjamin Agordzo has vehemently refuted allegations of conspiring to overthrow the government of President Akufo-Addo, dismissing claims of engaging in discussions with any individual for such purposes.

During an interview on Face to Face on Citi TV, ACP Agordzo emphasized the falsehood of the accusations and clarified his interactions with Dr. Frederick Yao Mac-Palm and other individuals accused in the case.

Agordzo clarified that his acquaintance with Dr. Mac-Palm stemmed from an IDEG presentation and subsequent introduction via phone call as a member of a medical outreach advocacy group.

“I knew Dr. Frederick Yao Mac-Palm whom I met once, but the others I had never seen or met. Even in their facts presented at court, the prosecution spread falsehoods alleging my acquaintance with Colonel Samuel Kodzo Gameli and discussions about a coup, which are entirely false,” Agordzo stated.

He adamantly denied any involvement in plotting against the government, stressing it was something he would never contemplate or engage in. His first contact with Dr. Mac-Palm was through a WhatsApp call, and subsequent chats revealed the focus of Dr. Mac-Palm’s group on medical outreach initiatives.

Agordzo maintained that he joined the group due to its credible objectives aimed at aiding the less privileged. He firmly stated, “I knew it was a credible democracy group [Take Action Ghana], that’s why I joined.” He refuted claims of using funds to sponsor a coup, calling the notion baseless.

Regarding discussions about overthrowing the government, Agordzo asserted there was never any such dialogue on the platforms he participated in, emphasizing the lack of evidence to support such allegations.

He also clarified remarks he made about the Arab Spring, stating they were merely expressing opinions and concerns about potential unrest in Ghana due to underlying socio-economic issues.

In a significant legal development, ACP Benjamin Agordzo was acquitted by the High Court on January 24, 2024, while six others were convicted for conspiracy to commit high treason and high treason, with the latter group facing the death penalty by hanging.

This outcome marks a pivotal moment in the case, reflecting the complexities and controversies surrounding allegations of coup plotting in Ghana.

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