Ilkay Gundogan joins Barcelona with the determination to prove himself

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Ilkay Gundogan, a new signing for Barcelona, stressed his desire to succeed as he was introduced to the team on Monday.

The 32-year-old, who contributed 11 goals in 51 games to help Manchester City win the Triple last season, left the team in June after his contract expired.

Following his free transfer to the Spanish club, Gundogan has agreed to a two-year contract with Barcelona.

Ilkay Gundogan declared, “Even though I’m older, I’m up for the challenge, and I still have a lot to prove.

The German will now play for Xavi, who played for Barcelona from 2008 to 2012 under City manager Pep Guardiola, winning the Spanish Triple in 2009.

“The style is very similar to what I played at City,” remarked Gundogan.

“Guardiola and Xavi have a lot in common. I connected with Xavi right away when we initially started speaking. When I chatted with him, I could see Barcelona was headed in the right direction.

It’s a fantastic team, and the chance to play in a different league and nation is fantastic.

“We’ll attempt to compete for the Champions League championship. Wearing this shirt comes with responsibility, so I’ll do everything in my power to secure as many championships as I can.

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