Jantuah – Tell the attorney general to submit a motion to end the Gyakye Quayson trial

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Attorney General Godfred Dame has been instructed by private attorney Mr. Kwame Jantuah to submit a nolle prosequi in the criminal case against James Gyakye Quayson, the incoming member of parliament for Assin North.

According to Mr. Jantuah, the residents of Assin North will not forgive the New Patriotic Party (NPP) if Mr. Gyakye Quayson is sentenced to prison.

“I believe the Attorney General ought to file a nolle prosequi in this matter and end the investigation. Do you believe that if Gyakye Quayson is imprisoned, the residents of the district will pardon the NPP?

Since no candidate has a stronghold in this district, the NPP ought to canvass the area once more and talk to the voters.

Mr. Gyakye Quayson is currently contesting a High Court decision that would have allowed his criminal case to be heard every day.

On Friday, June 23, the court presided over by Justice Mary Yanzuh rejected a motion by Mr. Gyakye Quayson’s attorneys for a hearing on a different issue.

The decision meant that regardless of his status as a politician, the MP will show up every day in court starting on Tuesday, July 4, when the hearing will start.

Additionally, he claims that the decision violated Mr. Gyakye Quayson’s right to a fair trial.

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