KiDi explores health, life, and grief in his new song “Not Ok,” getting personal in the process.

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Dennis Nana Dwamena, best known by his stage name KiDi, has opened up about his health, life, and loss in a new song titled “Not Ok.”

Themes that are sure to hit home with listeners are touched on in the moving reflection on what he’s been through over the previous few months.

The song features the musician being vulnerable as he discusses his personal issues and refutes rumors that he had a stroke while on break.

Before KiDi enters with his soulful vocals and sighs, the song opens with a somber string arrangement. He sings on the challenges of coping with life’s challenges and health troubles.

One of the most moving lines in the song is found in the opening verse: “If I tell you say I’m okay the I lied, Everything I feel in my heart and soul, Oh as you see me so I’m smiling but I’m dead inside,” which is bound to resonate with anyone who has ever experienced mental illness.

KiDi emphasizes the theme that life is valuable and delicate and that we should be kind to individuals, especially when we are unaware of their circumstances, throughout the song.

He sings of his liver problems, his battle with despair, and hiding inside, providing a real and realistic representation of sadness.

The song’s release is especially appropriate given that he announced his recovery last week with a video showing him looking fantastic and sipping from a cup.

“A little under two months ago, I made the difficult choice to postpone my tour in order to take better care of my health, which meant avoiding social media. The love I have received over that period from my family, friends, fans, and the brands I work with has left me speechless. I can’t express how much I appreciate how you all helped me feel so loved throughout this challenging time, he wrote in a Facebook post.

The fact that many individuals still experience worry, depression, and grief makes KiDi’s “Not Ok” an important and timely addition to the musical scene.


The “Touch It” singer earlier in February declared on that he was postponing his North American tour because of health problems.

“Hi my loves, it is with a very heavy heart that I announce the postponement of my Golden Boy North American Tour,” the singer wrote in a statement on his verified social media account. I am aware of how very upsetting this news is for many of you. It was wonderful to see how enthusiastic you all were to come see me on this tour, and I was really looking forward to our time together.

On March 16, Richie Mensah, the head of his label, responded to rumors that Kidi had suffered a stroke by labelling them “clickbait” in a tweet.
The producer and artist management urged supporters of the Artiste of the Year nominee for the 2022 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) to disregard social media rumors.
“KiDi has not experienced a stroke. Ignore the clickbait and rumors, he tweeted.

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