Martial artists are cautioned by an African Goju Grandmaster not to harm security people.

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Donald Gwira, a Grandmaster of African Goju, has cautioned martial artists against using their abilities to assault security officers.

Martial artists are advised by Gwira to report the security officer and file a formal complaint even if they are attacked by uniformed people.

Any attack on a uniformed officer is considered as an attack on the entire organization, and comes with unwelcome consequences, according to Gwira, the Chief Instructor of African Goju Ghana and a seventh-degree black belt holder.

He emphasized, however, that it would be a different situation if someone’s life was in danger.

“Practitioners of African Goju are not to attack anyone in uniform, and if anyone in uniform attacks you, you take their name and number and report them,” he stated.

The issue is that if you attack them, you are battling the system rather than the individual, and the entire institution will come after you. In that case, nothing will be able to defend you.

Professor Danny Gwira, the founder of African Goju and the Martial Arts Institute, hosted a one-day martial arts course on African Goju in Accra, Ghana, where Gwira made these remarks.

Along with martial arts demonstrations and exhibitions, the conference included presentations on the foundations and principles of African Goju.

Numerous youthful participants from the African Goju club in Ashongman and members of the African Goju Hall of Fame were there.

The seminar’s purpose was to inform attendees of the existence of African Goju as a style of self-defense in that continent.

African Goju and other martial arts promote discipline and mental toughness, thus Professor Gwira pushed parents to enroll their kids in them.

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