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Ya-Na Abukari II, the Overlord of Dagbon, is optimistic about the significant transformation the Northern Region will soon undergo as the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) moves closer to constructing an oil and gas exploration well in the Voltaian Basin next year.

The Ya- Na claimed that if oil and gas were discovered successfully, the Northern Region could develop into a center for petroleum production, luring trade and investment from all over the world.

He stated, “The prospect of what your successful activities in the Voltaian Basin mean to this region and Ghana is not lost on us and remains the basis of our continuous support of your efforts to ensure that the natural resources are well harnessed to support developmental activities in host communities and beyond.” Oil


The Herbert Krapa, the deputy minister of energy, and the GNPC management paid the Overlord of Dagbon a courtesy visit.

The delegation, which included Opoku-Ahweneeh Danquah, the CEO of GNPC, visited the Northern Region to learn firsthand about the development of seismic work being done there to find hydrocarbons in commercial amounts. Oil

The Voltaian Basin is divided into 13 metropolitan, municipal, and district assemblies (MMDAs), 10 of which are in the Northern Region and three others in the Savanna Region. It is made up of roughly 460 settlements.

The need to thank the Ya-Na and the chiefs and residents of the area for their ongoing assistance in creating the favorable environment required to advance the activities of hydrocarbon prospecting in the onshore sedimentary basin of the Voltaian area made the visit imperative.

To gain a deeper understanding of Ghana’s sedimentary basins, Ghana had over the years performed regional studies independently as well as hired outside specialists like Robertson CGG and De-Goyler and Macnaughton. Oil

Mr. Krapa, on his part, conveyed the government’s gratitude to the Overload of Dagbon for his unflinching dedication from the beginning when

When the project’s ideas were first presented to him, they reassured him that its success would have a favorable effect on the region’s development.

The Deputy Minister of Energy said, “You have been crucial to our success thus far, and our aim today is to strengthen our collaboration by seeking more comments for the next phase of the project which promises to take us to a successful discovery and its attendant rewards. Oil

The head of GNPC recalled how the Ya-Na played a crucial part in ensuring that the local and stakeholder conditions were favorable for the successful start of work toward the discovery of hydrocarbon potential onshore, an effort to advance the corporation’s pursuit of commercial operation of its oil and gas resources.

“You first welcomed us (GNPC) in your country as the Yoo Naa (Chief of Savelugu) in 2017 and on our mission to obtain the greatest benefits from the development of Ghana’s petroleum resources, and we are grateful for the cordial relationship that has been sustained since then,” Mr. Danquah said.

He took use of the chance to solicit additional support for GNPC’s ongoing operations in the region by emphasizing the tremendous windfall of benefits the area stood to get from the successful drilling of wells in the Voltaian Basin.

Mr. Danquah affirmed that preliminary findings from the project’s efforts to date provided sufficient motivation to continue prospecting activities.

According to him, drilling for the first well on your property is expected to start in 2024. If successful, this will help Ghana’s Northern Region become a model of development and provide the rest of the globe with chances for trade and development.

The GNPC boss claimed that the previous phase’s successful conclusion had opened the door for the current activity, which had brought the company closer to its objective of drilling a well by the first quarter of 2024.

According to Mr. Danquah, the project would be a game-changer since it would give the area’s thronging youth employment opportunities and open it up.

In order to help the GNPC accomplish its goal of finding hydrocarbons in commercial quantities and successfully drilling wells in the Voltaian Basin, he appealed for ongoing support and cooperation.


Since 2017, the GNPC has been using a combination of geophysical, geological, and geochemical techniques to investigate the hydrocarbon potential of the nation’s onshore sedimentary basin (Voltaian Basin) under the terms of a reconnaissance license.

The search for commercial quantities of oil and gas is currently progressing significantly at the various project sites.

It was noted that GNPC geological engineers and contractors were hard at work performing the seismic work at the site at Kpalbe in the North East Gonja District of the Savannah Region.

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