Krobo Girls SHS gets new block and offices

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A freshly constructed block has been given to the Krobo Girls Presbyterian Senior High School in Lower Manya to house the department’s classrooms and offices.

The Ghana National Petroleum Corporation Foundation (GNPC) made the act of kindness possible.

The foundation spent about GHC1.7M on the new building, which was started in 2019 and includes furniture and other equipment. Krobo Girls

The school’s Headmistress, Bernice Noel Mensah-Akutteh, claimed that management pleaded with GNPC to convert the original Science Block into a block for the Home Economics students due to a lack of classroom space.

Board Chairman of the GNPC Freddy Blay announced the project’s commissioning and stated that the GNPC set aside a portion of its budget to fund infrastructure initiatives.
Freddy Blay, who was founded in 2017, defended the money spent on initiatives that have a social impact.

He asserts that despite the primary goal of GNPC being the exploration of oil resources, conflicts over oil have been known to arise in various communities worldwide. “Government is determined to ensure that it is dispersed throughout the nation. Many requests have been made, but occasionally we must choose which ones to ignore. Drilling bore holes, building sanitation facilities, and school buildings have all greatly helped the area. Krobo Girls

Dr. Dominic Aduah, the GNPC Foundation’s executive director, stated that GNPC is making significant contributions in the fields of training and scholarships through a variety of approaches.
“GNPC Foundation is committed to changing lives. I can mention scholarship as one. In the tertiary, we have provided about 6,000 local scholarships. Krobo Girls

We are about to award 1,500 local scholarships this year.

In addition, “we also have community empowerment project where we pick the youth from the streets and give them skills, they then write the NVTI exams after completion we take them through graduation and we give them necessary tools for them to train others.”

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