Police request second report in defilement case: After the first report confirms bleeding but not penetration


Investigations into a case in which a teacher is accused of defiling a three-year-old girl last Saturday (August 13) at Fulanikope, close to Ho, have changed course following a report from the girl’s medical checkup.

Although the medical report from the Ho Municipal Hospital in the Volta Region said that the girl’s hymen was intact, it did state that the alleged sex act caused her to bleed from her private area.

Due to this, the Ho Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) has asked the Ho Teaching Hospital to conduct further medical examinations on the girl. case

The youngster was discovered in the suspect’s room bleeding from her private area. The suspect, Wisdom Ahiatsi, 23, is claimed to be a teacher at a private basic school in the Ho Municipality.

To help with the investigations, he was given police inquiry bail on Tuesday.

According to a source close to the authorities, Ahiatsi and the girl’s mother shared a Fulanikope house as renters. case

According to the source, the girl’s mother grew concerned when she noticed that her daughter had been gone from her room for an extended amount of time that day and started looking for her around the neighborhood, but to no avail.

When she eventually went back home, she discovered the girl bleeding in the suspect’s room.

After then, a police complaint resulted in the teacher’s arrest.

Therefore, the source, who asked to remain anonymous, stated, “The report on the second medical examination will determine the turn of the investigations into the matter.”

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