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As the saying goes, “When an old man (old woman) dies, a whole library burns to the ground”. We can say for sure that there is vast knowledge and wisdom in the library. But until we read the books in the library and make good use of what we read; we will not benefit ourselves.

The aged (parents, grandparents, etc.) can be compared to a literal library. Is it not true that our old folks have gathered knowledge over the years? Some have even learned their lessons in a bizarre or painful way.

But whatever the case, our old ones have gained valuable experience that needs to be discussed. These grown-ups have gathered powerful, educative proverbs over the years which we the younger generation might tap into before they leave us.

Meanwhile, how can we tap into their knowledge and wisdom? Is there a way we can get to these ones and speak with them? What about having a platform where our elderly ones will share their rich experience so the whole world can hear them?

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Our elders say, “The tongue does not rot”. This proverb means whatever an individual says whilst alive will stand the test of time and be remembered forever.

Time with the Old man

The WestWind Media GH is come up with a Talk Show, themed “Time With The Old Man. This program will help us to prevent ‘the library’ from burning in the first place. 

You will be able to hear from our aged ones both great and small on this talk show. The “Time With The Old Man” talk show will help prevent their memories alive for future generations.

You may not be an old man or woman, but if you have benefited from a piece of advice or a counsel from an elderly person, then this talk show is for you too. You will have the honour to share that piece of advice and how it has benefited you with our cherished audience.

We will talk about education, showbiz, health, business, sports, history, culture, etc., and post the videos on our news website, and social media (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook) platforms. In time, we will go live with this talk show.

Watch Below a brief YouTube video on “Time with the Old Man”.

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More coming soon. Stay tuned…..


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