The founder of Valley View University will be laid to rest  September 15

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On September 15, 2023, at 8 a.m., the Valley View University founder, Pastor Professor Jacob Jonas Nii Klu Nortey, will be laid to rest on the university’s Oyibi campus.

At the age of 84, Professor Jacob Jonas Nii Klu Nortey passed away.

Professor Jacob Jonas Nii Klu Nortey advanced through the ranks to become Vice President of the Seventh Day Adventist Church worldwide as a specialist in Christian church financial instruction.

Pastor Nortey was born in Abokobi to an Osu-born father and an Abokobi royal family mother.

He began his schooling at the Abokobi Presbyterian School and, at the end of his life, was ordained as a professor in the SDA Church.

Professor Nortey was a trailblazer and a master door opener. His life was driven by a strong desire to motivate others to pursue their dreams and goals in life.

His life served as a living example of his fervent desire to motivate others to accomplish their objectives. In an effort to guide others around him along the path of Jesus Christ, he worked relentlessly to develop the innate skills and natural gifts of those who were already there.

At the Elder E.E. Cleveland Crusade in Accra in 1959, he began his spiritual journey by converting to the Seventh-Day Adventist faith.

His dedication to academic achievement and spiritual growth in Christian education in both Africa and the United States began with that.

The establishment of Valley View University in Oyibi, Accra, was one of his greatest efforts.

His relentless efforts as the first black President of the SDA Church for Africa and the Indian Ocean bore fruit in this attempt.

This esteemed institution, located adjacent to the University of Ghana, Legon, was founded as a result of his unwavering resolve to achieve academic glory for Ghana’s children.

Pastor Nortey continued to motivate future generations even after he left the position of Church Finance and Administration.

At Valley View University and numerous other universities throughout the world, he taught as an adjunct professor. He was, notably, the former president of Tema’s Datalink University.

The influence of Pastor Nortey went beyond the confines of the church and the academy.

Dr. Alfred Nii Oko Vanderpuije, a former mayor of Accra and member of parliament for Ablekuma South, Professor Seth Nii Aban Laryea, a former vice chancellor of Valley View University, and Dr. Moses Tawiah Adoko, the chief knowledge officer of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and a professor of aerospace complex systems, were among the notable people he was the godparent to.

His legacy is carried on by the J.J. Nortey Education Trust Funds, which have helped countless people pursue higher education and Christian education in Ghana and other countries.

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