Thirteen people have been apprehended by the DVLA, and three more are fired.

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The Board Chairman of the authority, Frank Davies, has revealed that thirteen employees of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) have been interdicted and that three others have had their appointments terminated because of worker indiscipline.

He warned personnel to live beyond reproach and exhibit behavior that would be an inspiration to others, saying the board would not shelter anyone who broke the authority’s disciplinary code.

Although the DVLA had made good strides in streamlining services and cutting processing times, he noted there were still difficulties, including delays in producing driving licenses, attitude problems on the part of some personnel, and an increase in incidences of insubordination and unruly behavior.

Last Wednesday, Mr. Davies spoke at the start of the 2023 mid-year review conference and the beginning of the 25th-anniversary celebration in Sunyani, in the Bono Region.

“Delivering quality service through optimization: A panacea to consolidate our gains” was the theme that it was organized around.

Innovative solutions

Mr. Davies urged the workers to look for creative ways to enhance their operations and customer performance.

In order to increase road safety and environmental sustainability, he said, it was important to investigate new trends in line with international best practices. Such cutting-edge client-benefit solutions, he added, remained at the forefront of technical breakthroughs.

Mr. Davies urged the workers to embrace change and view obstacles as chances for improvement.

He assured them that the DVLA was dedicated to creating a client-focused business that would lead the way in technological development.

Justina Owusu-Banahene, the Bono Regional Minister, praised the DVLA for working hard to bring sanity into its procedures by reducing extortion and delays.

The renewal of driver’s licenses and car registrations should be made digital, Ms. Owusu-Banahene urged the DVLA, noting that “customers are looking forward to a day when they can sit in the comfort of their homes and renew their driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations through technology.”

She claimed that several members of the public had also questioned the reliability of some of the vehicles that were on the road, particularly some pretty old heavy-duty trucks that broke down and created unneeded traffic jams.

Ms. Owusu-Banahene asked the DVLA to operate in accordance with the principles of quality, integrity, professionalism, and dependability.

Electric automobiles

The adoption of electric vehicles, according to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the DVLA, Kwasi Agyeman Busia, would usher in a new era of clean and environmentally friendly transportation in the nation.

He explained that encouraging the use of energy-efficient automobiles would lessen the negative effects of fossil fuels on the environment and human health.

He said that since the present salary grading had been in place since 2016, evaluation, assessment, and redefinition to correct duty overlaps and redundancy were ongoing to assure legitimate salary restructuring.

He said that the DVLA had cooperated with higher institutions, including the University of Ghana (UG), the University of Development Studies (UDS), and the University of Cape Coast (UCC) to provide driving instruction and license issuance to students while they were still enrolled in school or after they had graduated.


George Okyere, the DVLA’s Bono Regional Manager, claimed that the agency’s activities had undergone a dramatic change in the previous ten years, with tremendous success.

He claimed that the organization’s employees were dissatisfied since new problems, changing client behavior, and technological development were generating opportunities and threats.

According to Mr. Okyere, the review will give the DVLA a chance to evaluate its reforms and plan how to enhance its operations.

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