When it comes to aging, Arnold Schwarzenegger accepts that he is a mere mortal.


Arnold Schwarzenegger is discussing becoming older. The former governor of California, action hero, and bodybuilder claims to recall a period when his physique felt “powerful.” At 76 years old, he no longer feels quite the same.

In an interview with Howard Stern on SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show,” Arnold Schwarzenegger mentioned that he still finds humor in becoming older.

He said to Stern, “I kind of smile because every day I do look in a mirror and I do think, ‘Yep, you suck.

Take a look at this body, he continued. Look at those once-firm, vivacious, and extremely robust pectoral muscles. They are currently just standing there. What the hell is going on here, I mean?

The “Terminator” actor continued by saying that he was aware of his earlier circumstances.

“You roll the clock 50 years,s and you’re standing there and you don’t see that anymore,” he added. “When you’ve been hailed for years as this supreme body, and you have the definition, and you see the veins coming down your abs, and you see veins on top of your chest, and then cut.”

The new book by Arnold Schwarzenegger was being promoted. In “Be Useful,” he describes to readers the methods he employed to achieve success in life.

“Let’s go and teach kids to be tough, to go out and do sports, to go and study, to struggle, and to go through these kind of painful moments sometimes,” he said to Stern.

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