Yussif Chibsah questions the value of education in football management

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Yussif Chibsah, a former midfielder for the Black Stars, claimed that Dr. Randy Abbey, a member of the Ghana Football Association’s Executive Council, should have become president instead if academic achievement was the primary qualification for football management.

He was responding to Nana Oduro Sarfo’s remarks, who is a GFA executive council member.

Following the former Black Stars captain’s plea for ex-players to be recognized for such positions in Ghana Football, the CEO of Berekum Chelsea advised Stephen Appiah and other former footballers to get proper education before aiming for any high position in Ghana Football.

However, according to Yussif Chibsah, if Randy Abbey, who holds a doctorate, had already taken over as chairman of the GFA instead of Kurt Okraku, Oduro Sarfo’s justification would have been credible.

In addition to academics, experience and competence are quite important, in his opinion.

“He hurried to relay such remarks. Oduro Sarfo felt that every conversation was unnecessary. What exactly is wrong with Stephen’s statement?

With all due respect, Chibsah said to Angel TV, “If academics are really what we need to run football, the FA president wouldn’t be there because his own executive council member Randy Abbey has a PhD, which is higher than all his [the president’s] qualifications.”

Alhaji Grusah is a member of the Black Stars management committee because of this.

“Take into account the length of time he has overseen King Faisal. What kind of certificate possesses he? I believe Oduro Sarfo hurried. He ought to refrain from disparaging people’s personalities.

“The Executive Council, the FA’s highest decision-making body, also includes individuals without qualifications. The FA president would not have recruited individuals without qualifications if academics were the only requirement for managing football.

“However, the work is made perfect if someone’s unique abilities and efforts can supplement those with academics. Because of this, there are some untrained individuals serving on some FA committees.

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