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Asakaa Boys, a KUMASI-based music collective, has stated that they are ready to claim bragging rights as the first winners of the new Ghanaian Drill genre category at the 2024 Grammy Awards, often known as the Grammys.

O’Kenneth, Jay Bahd, Kawabanga, Cedi City Boy, Reggie, Kwaku DMC, Sean Lifer, Rabby Jones, and Braa Benk are the nine members of the group that is credited with creating the Ghana Drill. They said it will be simple for them to win the award the following year because they have what it takes to meet the requirements and easily defeat any rivals. Asakaa Boys

You may remember that Drill and Highlife music from Ghana was recently recognized as two important African music genres for the Best African Music Performance category to be introduced at the Grammy Awards in 2024. Asakaa Boys

One of the three new positions that have been added to the annual awards program is for the Best African Music Performance. Best Alternative Jazz Album and Best Pop Dance Recording round out the top three. Asakaa Boys

Braa Benk, who represented the late-2019 group, said in an exclusive interview that the news of Ghana Drill’s inclusion only meant one thing for them: to work even harder to be the first act to be named the category’s winners at the upcoming Grammy Awards.

“We are genuinely just honored that a renowned awards program like the Grammys has acknowledged us and taken note of what we are doing. The news has been a fantastic experience for us, and it has immensely motivated us to work harder to secure a nomination. As a result, our current focus is on that.

“How hard we work and how we promote our work so that the world can see our complete package will determine if we bring home the prize. We think we can achieve great things if we set our minds to it and work hard. There is no limit to how far our music could travel, and we have been prepared for whatever comes our way.

Braa Benk made the argument that just though the Asakaa Boys invented Ghana Drill music, it didn’t follow that they were the only artists allowed to experiment with the genre.

“When we created this, our goal was to break down barriers and have other people accept it, therefore we don’t mind seeing individuals from different countries joining this genre.

“We are aware that Amapiano music originated in South Africa, but we have artists from various nations joining in. Since what we started in our modest space will be making a big impact, it will still mean a lot to us if others start performing Ghanaian Drill, he said.

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