Charles Bissue vs. OSP: Court defers hearing injunction application

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The High Court in Accra has postponed hearing Charles Bissue’s request for an injunction. Mr.Charles filed the petition to block the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) from prosecuting him on the grounds that the Police had already released him.

Instead, the Court declares that it will first examine Mr. Bissue’s request for findings.

The hearing on the motion for discovery has not yet been scheduled because Charles Bissue contends he was not served with the OSP’s affidavit in opposition.

Despite the OSP’s opposition, the court today agreed not to consider the injunction application until June 12, 2023, when the plaintiff will have filed his request for discovery.

The Judge contends that the Plaintiff owns the motions and is free to choose how to make them.

Background of the case;

Charles Bissue ordered the OSP and two others to be served with a Writ of Summons and Statement of Claim in December 2022 after the OSP revealed in its Half Yearly Report that it had finished looking into claims of corruption made against Bissue by Anastasia Steele and Tiger Eye P.I.

He made a writ amendment in January 2023.

He filed an injunction to stop the OSP from looking into and prosecuting him any further.

The OSP received permission to submit a statement of case opposing the Motion.

Since that time, despite numerous adjournments, Mr. Bissiue has not moved the application for an injunction.

He then filed a move to reveal the complaint Anas made against him, which the OSP objected to.

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