FanMilk recalls 28 batches of product in response to customer complaints about FanYogo

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FanMilk, the company that makes FanYogo, has taken steps to allay consumer worries about the poor quality of certain of the brand’s goods.

Some concerns had been raised by the texture of some of the FanYogo products on the market.

Following the complaints, the company has withdrawn some batches of the products from the market.

They are; 011023022, 011023120, 011223664, 031123385, 031123408, 031123414, 031123429, 031123438, 051123442, 061123453, 141023223, 161123572, 181123530, 181123537, 181123587, 231123590, 231123596, 231123625, 231123890, 251123611, 251123611, 251123614, 251123616, 251123622, 251123628, 261123633, 261123635, 261123636, 261123638.

FanMilk has assured that irrespective of the variation in texture of the product it is safe for consumption.

“Our professional team has determined that it is safe to consume the aforementioned batches. Additionally, we hired the Food Research Institute (FRI) to carry out an independent test, and it also concluded that the food is still safe to eat despite the texture variance.

The corporation admitted that the batches do not fulfill the product experience for which they are renowned in a press release on Monday, June 3, 2023. FanMilk

The fundamental reason, according to the statement, has been determined to be “starch sourcing and variation in handling.”

It also stated that a group of experts had tested the batches thoroughly in order to determine the root of the issue and stop it from happening again.

Vendors were advised by the corporation to send FanYogo items with the aforementioned batch numbers back to FanMilk depots.

“We apologize for any issues this has brought about and appreciate your patience as you waited for a response from us. We appreciate your dedication and support in the future. We are devoted to bringing back the fantastic FanYogo experience you adore.

A copy of the FanMilk statement is attached below:

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