REVEALED: Black Meteors coach Ibrahim Tanko doesn’t receive a monthly salary

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According to Frederick Acheampong, chairman of the team’s management committee, Black Meteors coach Ibrahim Tanko does not receive a monthly salary as is frequently assumed.

When the team failed to qualify for the Olympic Games in 2019 by placing fourth in the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON), Tanko was in command of that squad.

The current AFCON, which is being hosted in Morocco, gave him another opportunity to do better, but he ended up doing worse because the squad was ousted in the Group stage, raising questions about their dedication and moral character.

Acheampong said Tanko is in a similar situation to football players who play for their country’s national team but are only paid allowances and incentives.

“Ibrahim Tanko doesn’t get paid to lead the Black Meteors, no,” Because he works for his club, just like the football players who represent their country, he only receives per diem based on the amount of days spent in camp and only receives winning bonuses when a game is won, he explained.

He, however, denied assertions that the coach would be affected by the lack of monthly salaries.

“Tanko is a person whose honesty I have known for a number of years. Despite not receiving a monthly salary, he is someone I can trust and who will not be swayed by money, the man continued.

Since they last competed in the quadrennial tournament in 2004, Ghana’s wait for the next Olympic Games will be extended by at least 24 years if they don’t qualify due to their early exit from the AFCON.

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