Bawumia urges a civil campaign in the NPP primaries in order to maintain party cohesion

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As the race for the party’s flag bearership heats up, the vice president, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, has urged for a civilized campaign free of animosity.

Ten candidates, including the Vice President, have declared their interest in being the party’s flagbearer. The race has heated up, with several candidates facing accusations of launching a hate campaign.

Dr. Bawumia said, “As one family, it is necessary for all camps to understand that the party would need a united front to combat the “primary adversary,” the National Democratic Congress (NDC), in his address to party delegates on the last day of his Greater Accra tour.

“We should all be aware that the current election campaign is for internal elections. The NDC will be the primary foe in 2024. Let’s not speak ill of one another as we begin the campaign, Dr. Bawumia urged.

“We want harmony, a free and fair election, and a clean campaign. We don’t want anyone to publicly criticize an opponent. Because the NDC will need to be addressed after our elections, we need everyone on board.

Dr. Bawumia said he has instructed his campaign team and well-wishers to be aware of their remarks in order to safeguard the unity of the party in a clear display of his commitment to a clean campaign.

“I have thus instructed all of my fans and spokespersons that we want a clean campaign and that they should refrain from insulting anyone in public.

“Let’s all stick together since we are one big family. We shall all unite as one family after the competition is over to prevent the NDC from retaking power. That is vital information. Let’s keep the NPP in power and strive for NPP unity.

Dr. Bawumia visited the Obom Domeabra Constituency over the weekend to wrap off his campaign in the Greater Region.

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