GBC employees will refund nearly GH2 million in “unearned” allowances.

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Ing. Ben Arthur, the Chief Executive of the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC), has written to the Controller and Accountant-General to demand that certain employees of the public broadcaster repay some allowances that they claim were improperly given to them.

According to reports, the impacted employees received “unearned” allowances totaling GH2,084,020 over the course of a year.

The payments were not meant to have been paid because the worker was not eligible for them, according to the letter.

This was discovered following the Commission-initiated nationwide payroll monitoring exercise.

The letter stated, “As a result of the payroll monitoring exercise, FWSC has found that some GBC staff are currently enjoying allowances to which they are not entitled.”

The impacted employees include those who got GBC Computer Special Allowance and Vehicle Maintenance Allowance.

Ing. Arthur believes that these should be removed off the payroll.

The latter, for instance, was integrated into the basic compensation following the migration of GBC workers to the Single Spine compensation Structure, according to the statement. It was never established by the Employer.

According to reports, certain employees who are below the rank of director are allegedly receiving benefits in violation of Category 4 Allowances for things like rent, a housekeeper, housing, entertainment, and utilities.

“This needs to stop, and the employee should be fired.”

The circumstance is reportedly causing unrest among GBC employees.

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