Ghana came in seventh place for UN peacekeeping operations.

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As of March of this year, Ghana was ranked seventh among the 122 nations that contributed to peacekeeping by the United Nations (UN).

As of March of this year, the United Nations had deployed 76,712 peacekeepers worldwide, including 70,257 men and 6,455 women.

Ghana had 429 of the 6,455 women who were deployed overall.

Ghana now ranks second in Africa and fourth in the globe for the deployment of women.

Ghana has so far sent 2,762 troops to various locations throughout the world.

UN Day for Peacekeeping

In Accra, Ghana, yesterday, a flag-raising and wreath-laying event to honor the 75th International Day of UN Peacekeepers with the theme: “Peace begins with me: 75 years of UN Peacekeeping” was held. The United Nations Resident Coordinator, Charles Abani, announced this.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration (MFARI) organized the event, which took place yesterday on the State House’s front lawn in Accra.

Men and women who have devoted their lives to maintaining international peace and security and who have also made contributions to peacekeeping have been honored for their diverse achievements.

Heroes who lost their lives while participating in peacekeeping missions were also honored.

A symbolic tree-planting ceremony was organized to remember all of the world’s fallen peacekeepers.


Mr. Abani praised Ghana for its persistent dedication to supporting multiple peacekeeping missions around the world with soldiers, police officers, and civilian employees since its initial involvement in the operations in the 1960s.

For their dedication to ensuring the security of the world’s youngest nation, 700 Ghanaian soldiers, including 68 women, received the renowned United Nations medal earlier this month, he added.

Captain Cecelia Erzuah, a peacekeeper of the United Nations Interim Security Forces in Abyei, received the 2022 UN Military Gender Advocate of the Year Award, and Mr. Abani also conveyed his gratitude to her.

She received the honor for her work as a community organizer and advocate for gender equality.

Mr. Abani claimed that because some peacekeepers had given their lives while preserving peace under the banner of the United Nations, their dedication and sacrifices could not be monetized.

He continued, “The legacy of these peacekeepers should motivate us to act, realizing that peace begins with you, me, and us.”

Mr. Abani added that everyone’s efforts, not just those of governments and international organizations, must be combined to bring about peace.

He underlined the United Nation’s resolve to stay a dependable partner in the peacekeeping agenda.


Kofi Amankwa-Manu, the deputy minister of defense, urged everyone to pitch in to assist peacekeeping operations, provide the required resources, and equip troops with the equipment they need to complete their task.

According to Thomas Mbomba, deputy minister of the MFARI, there is a need to increase cooperation between the United Nations and regional and sub-regional organizations like the African Union and the European Union.

In December of this year, Mr. Mbomba declared that Ghana would host the forthcoming Peacekeeping Ministerial Conference.

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