Ghanaians living abroad don’t come to our events, but when Nigerian artists appear here, they even make reservations in advance. Fameye

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Fameye has brought attention to a critical issue Ghanaian performers have when they get to perform abroad.

Fameye noted that Ghanaians living abroad frequently do not attend their fellow countrymen’s gigs with the same fervor and excitement that Nigerian artists’ performances inspire during his visit on the Day Show.

Since I became famous in 2019, I have performed in the UK and the US. I have traveled with other individuals, but our plans didn’t work out. Even though there must be a majority of Ghanaians for it to work for us, they are still reluctant to accompany us, he admitted.

He also acknowledged that the presence of a sizable Ghanaian audience was necessary for a successful performance, but even in these circumstances, Ghanaians overseas didn’t seem as eager to support homegrown musicians as they did outsiders. Fameye

“Why do you suppose Ghanaians keep postponing their performances? They don’t attend. People ask for leave of absence from work four months before a Wizkid concert, but not for any Ghanaian musician. He continued, “King Promise has been playing abroad for a while, but Ghanaians have a problem.

The “Nothing I Get” singer also emphasized how the relationship between Ghanaian and Nigerian musicians has changed. Fameye

He recounted how, in the past, Nigerian musicians would look to work with Ghanaian musicians in order to leverage their influence.

The roles have now reversed, and Ghanaian artists must now make an effort to include Nigerian artists since they believe that working with Ghanaian musicians may not provide them with the recognition they want.

“Because our people, all of a sudden, it looks like it’s an intentional thing because it was not like that before, that was why the Nigerians used to feature us again, but right now it is us chasing them to feature them because they don’t feel like they will get the mileage they want,” he pounded.

His remarks come after two Ghanaian music heavy hitters, Sarkodie and Gyakie, abruptly canceled gigs in the UK and other regions of Europe in July 2023, which aroused fans’ curiosity and prompted some suspicions.

The absence of public statements from the performers stoked rumors and piqued people’s interest in the underlying causes.

The UK-based, well-known music and event promoter Alordia has revealed the real cause of these cancellations, though.

Low ticket sales, according to Alordia Promotions, were the primary reason the concerts were postponed.

Fameye continued by saying that he wanted to increase his fan base both domestically and abroad before trying a tour or performance.

I won’t go if you ask me to play at Afronation Portugal right now because I don’t have the crowd. I want to perform well so that I can relate to the crowd when I go, he remarked.

His entry, however unexpected, highlighted the difficulties Ghanaian artists have in getting exposure and airtime abroad.

“I have to be prepared, and I feel like I am not prepared because some so-called international artistes are unable to make the numbers when they travel out to perform,” he continued.

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