Taylor Swift Seattle concert generates seismic activity

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According to a seismologist, seismic activity caused by Taylor Swift’s concerts in Seattle, Washington, was on par with a 2.3 magnitude earthquake.

The information was gathered at Taylor Swift’s sold-out Eras tour shows at Lumen Field on July 22 and 23.

According to seismologist Jackie Caplan-Auerbach, the sound system or Taylor Swift’s followers were to blame for the activity.

The performances surpassed Seattle’s previous record, which was set during the “Beast Quake” of 2011.

Fans of American football who were ecstatic about Marshawn Lynch’s touchdown for the Seattle Seahawks versus the New Orleans Saints caused that.

The difference between the NFL game and Swift’s most recent concerts, according to Ms. Caplan-Auerbach, a geology professor at Western Washington University, was just 0.3, but the “shaking was twice as strong” and “absolutely doubled it.”

She stated, “I downloaded the data from both performance nights and immediately recognized they were obviously the identical pattern of signals. “If I overlay them on top of one another, they look almost the same.”

Over the course of two nights, the Seattle concerts were attended by 144,000 people in total.

Afterward, Taylor Swift wrote on Instagram, “Seattle that was seriously one of my favorite weekends ever. I appreciate everything. All the yelling, shouting, jumping, dancing, and loud singing.

Swift’s Seattle performances were at the end of the Eras tour’s US leg, which was her first tour in five years.

Seismic activity has already been linked to musical performances, such as the 2011 Foo Fighters concert in New Zealand.

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