I never received $100,000, C.K. Akonnor responds to the minister

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Charles Kwablan Akonnor, a former coach of the Black Stars, has criticized Mustapha Ussif’s claims that he received $100,000 after his contract was terminated as being untrue.

The minister acknowledged at a news conference last Wednesday that the state still owed both Akonnor and Serbian coach Milovan Rajevac, but he also hinted that the former Black Stars captain did not go with anything and received $100,000 as part of his separation deal.

Coach Akonnor quickly shot back, saying the minister was completely mistaken because he was aware of his exact compensation.

The amount of money the minister mentioned, I never received. I’m not going to say how much they paid me, but it wasn’t $100,000 like the minister indicated,” a furious Coach Akonnor complained to Rapid Sports last Thursday from his headquarters in Germany.

The 47-year-old former midfielder for 1860 Munich and Wolfsburg claimed that once his contract was terminated, he was given some cedis and instructed to convert them to dollars at the Bank of Ghana rate.

Although the rate was far less than the going market rate at the time, it was still far less than the amount the minister was quoting.

Since it was still on file at the FA, Coach Akonnor directed the minister to the agreement he had with the Ghana Football Association (GFA).

He, therefore, pushed the minister to consult the contract and find out how they calculated that sum.

Akonnor said, “My contract is still with the FA. If he wants to, he can go and check the agreement we had and see before making the claim and see that he is wrong.”

Additionally, he insisted that the minister’s estimate of the amount of arrears still owed to him—$200,000—was incorrect.

He asked Mr. Ussif to read the contract again and familiarize himself with the correct amount.

The minister informed the media of Akonnor’s wage arrears and acknowledged that both Akonnor and Serbian Milovan Rajevac, who was also shown the door in January 2022 after the Black Stars’ abysmal showing at the most recent Africa Cup of Nations, were still due money.

But he made it clear that the two instructors would be paid as soon as money became available.

“We sat with them and negotiated their exit once their contracts were terminated, and C.K. was paid $100,000 immediately after the negotiation, just like Milovan,” he claimed.

We still owe both of them money, and I acknowledge that we haven’t kept up with our payment plan due to a lack of resources. We will pay the two instructors as soon as we have the money, he promised.

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