He is innocent! Fijai PTA defends interdicted headmaster

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Kenneth Agbomadze, the interdicted headmaster, has been defended by the Parents Association (PA) of Fijai Senior High School, who claim he is innocent of the charges brought against him by the Ghana Education Service (GES).

Allegations of improper fee collecting against the headmaster are the subject of an ongoing investigation.

His interdiction is effective immediately, according to a statement from the Ghana Education Service, and the committee will decide his fate after its inquiry is complete.

His interdiction was justified by the Service as a result of illegal fee collecting, however according to reports made available to Connect FM, the headmaster attended a meeting where the PTA committed to providing financial support to the school.

The following prices were agreed upon at that meeting: GH 100 for two semesters of intervention fees, GH 40 for two semesters of PTA dues, and GH 150 for two semesters of special support levy.

The headmaster is not responsible for the accusations, according to PTA Chairman Rev. Father Gabriel Sampson, who also spoke with Connect FM’s Omanbapa morning show host Nhyiraba Paa Kwesi Simpson.

“I’m a priest, and the truth is what I stand for. I don’t have enough details, but I’ve heard he was detained due to a charge we as parents agreed to pay. If that’s the case, I can assure you that the headmaster is not guilty of the charges. He hasn’t charged parents any unauthorized fees, he said.

He continues by saying that it is customary in every senior high school for the headmaster to be informed of any PTA decisions.

He says that parents are gathering in an emergency meeting to decide how to proceed.

“I didn’t attend the discussion that led to this problem, but I’m making arrangements to get all the information, so I’ve called an urgent meeting so we can decide what to do next. But the truth is that the headmaster gives us situational reports on the school everytime we get together as parents. We always ask him if there are any issues at the school we can talk about before a meeting so that we don’t know what is going on.

Isaac Cobbina, the chairman of the Western Region PTA, thinks there might be a plan to kill the headmaster because the justifications offered are insufficient to support his prohibition.

“Since the reasons for his interdiction don’t make sense, I believe there may be further factors involved, or he may be the target of a witch hunt. All headmasters in Ghana should be detained if he is being detained because he attended a meeting. You can inquire at any school; the headmasters attend our meetings. Some of us won’t remain silent while our children suffer because they aren’t willing to deal with the true issues that the Free Senior High School Policy is confronting. Nobody can stop us from helping our children, he insisted.

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