IGP accused of vigilantism with ‘ Dampare Boys’ in Gh. Police Service

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A security analyst has charged the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, with creating a squad of policemen known as the “Dampare Boys” within the Ghana Police Service.

These special officers, according to Emmanuel Mawanye Kotin, who also serves as the executive director of the African Center for Security and Counterterrorism, do not regard their superiors and only Dr. Akuffo Dampare as their line commander.

He claimed that the circumstance had lowered many senior officers’ spirits and caused dissatisfaction among the top leadership.

On Tuesday, April 25, Mr. Kotin revealed this on TV3 while discussing the alleged shooting of a woman, age 26, in Adum, Kumasi, by an Inspector armed with a service rifle.

The so-called Dampare Boys, according to the security expert, are promoted swiftly, which goes against the Service’s very structure.

He revealed that the most of the Dampare Boys had been given inspector promotions.

He stated that it should be investigated “whether the IGP has the legal authority to create such a body.”

Mr. Kotin claims that senior officers who disagree with this particular set of officers have been intimidated into silence because “they are afraid to talk.”

He requested that the IGP be called before Parliament so that he could be questioned about the type of personnel he is retaining in the Service.

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