Police advise the NDC and NPP to “do your politics and let us also do our job.”

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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) and New Patriotic Party (NPP) leaders have been instructed by the police to refrain from interfering with their work.

Following a meeting with the leaders of the two parties, the Police issued a statement saying that they “should do their politics and allow the Police to do policing.” Therefore, we urged them to help us, including by offering constructive criticism, so that we could carry out our constitutionally mandated duties in a professional manner.

We would like to appeal to Ghanaians for support as we work to create an independent police service that will serve the interests of the Ghanaian people as a whole rather than those of any one person or group of people. We commend the leadership of the two political parties for making themselves available and helping the meeting succeed.

“Once again, we wish to assure the public that we remain committed to ensuring peace, security, law and order in the country at all times including before, during and after all elections in the country,” the statement said.

The parties’ press releases and subsequent petitions to the Police Service, in which each party requested the Police to detain specific members of the other side for various alleged crimes, were the catalysts for the meeting that the Inspector-General of Police called.

Both parties had a chance to express their complaints at the meeting.

Their main concern centered on remarks made by some political figures on both sides of the aisle that were deemed to be offensive.

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