I am planning to start my own show because I have discovered that I enjoy talking a lot, says Moesha.

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After great consideration and planning, Ghanaian actor and socialite Moesha Buduong decided to start her own show because she has a tendency to talk excessively.

The controversial person stated she had discovered she loves to communicate and what better way to convey her thoughts and ideas than through a show when she made an appearance as a guest on the Ladies Circle.

I’ve discovered that I adore talking, so I’m creating my own show,” she said.

Moesha, 33, a University of Ghana School of Performing Arts graduate who rose to popularity for her voluptuous figure and filthy photographs, revealed she also intended to move to Hollywood in order to advance her socialite career on a global scale.

“I have aspirations of relocating to Los Angeles so that I can pursue a career as a socialite and meet Kim Kardashian. I’ve received so many invites to relocate to Los Angeles and introduce myself to the world, she said.

What may therefore be anticipated from Moesha’s show? As she mentioned, it will serve as a forum for her to talk about a range of issues that are significant to her.

She also made the decision to hold off on revealing the details of the remaining plans until everything was completed.

She warned the show’s hosts, “There’s so much more, but in Ghana, witches and wizards can latch on it if you put all of your plans out there. Don’t worry, when it’s ready, I’ll put all of you on.”

The actress has compared herself to reality celebrity and millionaire Kim Kardashian because of the similarities in their professional paths after confessing to dating married men for cash in a 2018 Christiane Amanpour interview on CNN.

After fighting mental health concerns and purportedly repenting of her past behavior, Moesha recently made a U-turn while sharing posts that scared her supporters.

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