Jomoro MP improves 14 communities’ poor roads.

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Kwasi Amoako-Attah, the minister of roads and highways, has stated that the government is working to restore the nation’s deteriorating bridges in order to “open up communities that hitherto were cut off due to water crossing points.” Jomoro

The MP claims that the action is being taken to improve commuter access to the four-kilometer road.

These are all farming communities, but because of the poor condition of the roads, the agricultural output is always lost.

Asempanaye, New Kabenlasuazo, Nawule, Bonyere, Ezinlibo, Ndumsuazo, and Takinta are the communities.

The remainder includes, among others, Half Assini, Old Kabenlasuazo, Egbazo, Edobo, Atwebanso, Adusuazo, and Ekpu.

These towns serve as the food hubs for both the local area and the overall country.

They grow food crops, including cocoa.

Usually, it is difficult for sick people and pregnant people to travel to get medical attention.

It has been this way for years, but repeated requests to succeeding MPs and governments to reconfigure the route have been ineffective. Jomoro

According to a resident, “This was the nature of the road and even these tricycles and bicycles cannot commute on the road due to the deplorable nature.”

Since the roads had been there for so long, several of the locals were taken aback by the MP’s redesigning project.

They urged the people to vote for the MP, explaining that in just her first term in office, she was able to make local roads motorable.

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