Kpebu – Directive to EC directors to submit their CVs is odd and troubling

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Martin Kpebu, a private attorney, has characterized President Nana Akufo Addo as weak when it comes to governing, weak on anything related to governing, and that is evident in the manner he chose his ministers and other appointees.

“While not everyone shares his opinions, a sizable majority does. He will, of course, pick those he can influence and get along with. He explained this in an interview with Johnnie Hughes on the 3FM Sunrise Morning Show on May 31, 2023. “He looks for ‘Yes-Men’ so that whatever he says is final hence it is not surprising that they don’t speak up,” Hughes said.

Kpebu was participating in the conversation about the alleged directive from the President requiring all Electoral Commission (EC) employees with director-level or higher positions to submit their resumes and the subsequent letter from Professor Ransford Gyampo to the president requesting that he grant the EC’s independence.

According to Mr. Martin Kpebu, the president’s order is strange and regrettable since he should have known that the EC is a special organization that acts as the center of Ghana’s democracy and that all Ghanaians support the commission’s independence.

“I’ve been curious because it seems strange. Even the president’s motivation for wanting to do such a thing escapes me. It is quite unsettling.

He continued by saying that should President Akufo Addo ask the newly appointed members of the EC, Salima Ahmed Tijani and Dr. Peter Appiahene, to resign due to accusations that they are NPP sympathizers, the confidence and credibility of the EC of Ghana would be restored.

“The president can ask them to resign, and if that happens, the EC would regain the public’s trust and credibility.” Kpebu declared

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