Why Domelevo wont pursue charges against Presidency following Supreme Court ruling

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After the Supreme Court ruled that the former Auditor General’s forced leave was invalid, Daniel Yao Domelevo said he has no intention of suing the President.

Mr. Domelevo asserted that he thought claiming damages would be pointless because it would require using government money to pay for him.

The presidency’s choice to impose accumulated leave on Mr. Domelevo was ruled unlawful by the Supreme Court in a judgement that was made public on May 31. He was required by the president to take 169 working days of accumulated leave in 2020.

Mr. Domelevo said when asked about pursuing redress, “What kind of redress? The Supreme Court’s decision is crucial because this war is for the Lord. And I appreciate that they did that. Many Ghanaians believed that I had done something wrong, and the president advised me to take a leave of absence as a result. I don’t feel like I need further restitution now that I feel vindicated.

He continued by saying that he was not interested in collecting reimbursement from taxpayers who were not involved in the situation.

Humorously, Mr. Domelevo noted that there was no need to take further action because the president does not pay taxes.

“Many people suggested things like that, but I playfully respond by asking why I would want recompense from taxpayers who did nothing to me. I’m not interested in taking any more action because the president doesn’t pay taxes,” he stated.

Mr. Domelevo stated in a Citi TV interview that the Supreme Court’s decision was of the utmost significance to him and that he had since moved on with his life. He said, “I have moved on since it’s a position, not a property… I consider the outcome to be most crucial.

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