Muntaka seeks an independent investigation into the death of an Asawase adolescent and identifies flaws in the police report.

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Alhaji Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak, a member of parliament for the Asawase Constituency, is not persuaded by the police’s version of what happened when Yussif Salawudeen died.

The passing of Salawudeen, also known as Shilah, infuriated the youth of Asawase, who stormed the police station and damaged property worth millions of Cedis.

They contend that the dead was innocent and was just a victim of police brutality, which has resulted in the senseless killing of several Zongo adolescents.

The deceased was released by the police following a swoop in the neighborhood, but he flung himself against a wall, causing some internal bleeding that may have contributed to his death, Interior Minister Ambrose Dery informed Parliament on Tuesday, August 1.

He claimed that the police, who are still looking into the incident, provided this report.

However, in response to this, Alhaji Muntaka, a former minister of youth and sports, stated that there are “many gaps in the police account.”

He said, addressing his fellow Nandom MP, “I continue to have faith in you as a Minister, but I’m not sure if we can continue to have faith in the police administration.

If the House will agree, Mr. Speaker, I will ask that we conduct an impartial investigation into this, just as we did with the Zongo 7 case.

“Because the police have historically created credibility gaps where they will tell you one thing and claim they are still investing while you never hear anything,” the officer said.

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