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James Annor Tetteh, also known as Nana Tea, is a well-known social media influencer. Do not misunderstand; he does not market or sell tea. The initials “Tea” are an acronym for his last name Tetteh.

He has developed a reputation as the “area boy” or “fixer” on Facebook. Send a message to Nana Tea if you need blood, are looking for an old acquaintance or a long-lost relative, need money, or need assistance in locating a missing person or thing.

Through his posts, he is able to reunite people with long-lost acquaintances, save lives, and ease the lives of those in need.

He claimed in a Tuesday interview that he didn’t find it difficult to assist others when it was feasible because he knew what it meant to be in need.

He acknowledged that some users reacted negatively to his first social media post, which began his journey into philanthropy, but he was pleased that it had opened numerous doors for other individuals thanks to that one post.

He recalled the image, which showed a young child walking barefoot while carrying a log.

The initial social media post that began Nana Tea’s philanthropic career

“I had spent my entire childhood in the hamlet, so hauling logs was nothing new to me. I had memories when I saw the boy. Some folks didn’t take it well when I shared the picture sans the boy’s face and explained the feelings it brought up.

Nana Tea continued “Some claimed that I only posted it to get likes rather than aiding the youngster in carrying the firewood. Fortunately, a woman in the US read the article and made the decision to provide the boy with GH 200. When I shared that feedback, additional donations were made by other people. I discovered he had ring worm when I went to see him at home, so we got him medical attention, purchased him school supplies, and got him a wheelbarrow to move his firewood. The remaining funds were invested on his behalf, he said.
From that one act, many others got in touch with Nana Tea to ask for assistance or provide money to help support others.

Nana Tea’s Blood donation drive

Long before he began assisting others via social media, he was well-known for his jokes, humorous photos, and sharp writing, which he frequently shared on the Facebook page “Trotro Diaries.”

He claimed to have noticed a growing audience for the type of content he was creating. He made the decision to use this acceptance to advance society at that point.

Uncountable people have received support from Nana Tea, but his blood donation effort is another element that separates him from other social media influencers.
This effort began as a post he posted from another user’s page, much like the tale of the youngster he originally assisted. He submitted a request for blood donations for a leukemia patient, and he was astounded by the response.

“I thanked the donors and then received further requests for donations. Families would ask for blood donations for a relative, and donors would freely go and provide without expecting recompense. A woman in need of a transfusion in the Central Region of Winneba has an unusual blood type. Someone traveled from Cape Coast, spent the night, and donated blood the following morning.

“The individuals that follow me are extremely important to the success of all I have done. They make sacrifices for people and are willing to go above and beyond to make people happy, and for that, I am sincerely appreciative.

Because of the success of his blood donation campaign, he met with Mr. Kwaku Agyeman Manu, Minister of Health, and the National Blood Service’s executive team to discuss how to expand the project’s scope and sustainability.

He explained that the goal was to urge people to stock blood banks in order to avoid shortages, as well as to mobilize donors when individuals were in need.

a challenging childhood
Nana Tea admitted to this reporter that because he and his brothers experienced a horrible childhood, he understood the struggles people faced in life.
They would not have attended school if it weren’t for the involvement of some kind folks.

“When I was 14 years old, my mother died, and my siblings were quite young. In order to provide for us, my father toiled. From primary to junior high school, someone financed my schooling. We couldn’t afford the costs when I was accepted into senior high school, so I put off reporting. Thankfully, the headmaster took me into consideration, I began, and Plan Ghana provided me with a scholarship for the duration of my stay.

He said, “I try my best to link them to individuals who can help, but the demand from people keeps mounting and can be overwhelming. I know what it feels like to not have food at home.

He claims that his ability to establish reputation on social media is a result of his candor while providing funders with feedback. To let donors know what and how he spent the money, he sends screenshots or invoices of the purchases after transferring the money.


The twin boys Ethan Atter and Nathan Lawer are the product of Nana Tea’s marriage to nurse Barbara Amoah.

Many of his admirers are in awe of their laid-back love life. He uploads photos of himself making banku, doing laundry, feeding his kids, mopping, and other tasks typically performed by women.

He said that because they depicted their daily lives at home, the posts weren’t made to gain influence or grow his fan base. He distributed them in an effort to get men to assist their partners at home.
I picked up those habits from my grandma and father. Growing up, household duties lacked labels. I learned how to do all of these things because we all pitched in at home. We all know that it is my responsibility to make banku at home, not my wife’s, he continued.

You can conclude that he works as an influencer full-time if you pay attention to the frequency with which he posts images from donations, visits, traveling around in pursuit of things, and his social media activity.

He does, however, work as a Water Quality Analyst and works on his personal projects during his leisure time or days off.

He has an Accra Technical University Higher National Diploma (HND) in Science Laboratory Technology.

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