NSMQ2023: Prempeh College’s petition against the annulment of the semifinal results thrown out

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Prempeh College submitted a petition contesting the semifinal results of the 2023 National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) between Pope Johns Senior High School, Opoku Ware, and Prempeh. The appeal was denied.

Opoku Ware beat Prempeh and Pope Johns to go through to the finals with Presec and Achimota School. 

Prempeh College, however, raised issues with the final school in the semifinal and therefore sent a petition to the organizers, protesting the final results.

In dismissing the petition, the management of PrimeTime, organizers of the National Science and Maths Quiz, defended the ruling of the quiz mistress and said Prempeh College was not “cheated” as was claimed in the petition.

 In a petition dated October 19, 2023, Prempeh College called for a review, acceptance, and an overturn of the results of the contest as opposed to an answer to a riddle question in the fifth round of the #NSMQ2023 competition. 

Prempeh College was ranked 36 points lower than Opoku Ware, who received 38 points and advanced to the NSMQ 2023 championship game.

Reaction to Prempeh University
However, the managing director of Primetime, Nana Akua Mensa-Bonsu, upheld the quiz mistress’s decision in the contest in a press release in response to Prempeh College’s objection to the results.


The MD of Primetime stated that the purpose of the riddle’s clues was to provide a prompt and a specific response in response to the review of the solution, as stated by the Physics Consultant, Dr. Amos Kuditcher, and the Quiz Mistress, Professor Elsie Effah Kaufmann.

Prempeh College is protesting about a mystery for which there were hints pointing to the linear superposition principle. Interactions regarding the complainants’ protest did not include exponential superposition.

Rather, a counterexample of a nonlinear superposition relevant to intensity was provided, which appeared to appease the demonstrators. Indeed, there are circumstances in which electric fields take part in nonlinear processes, such that adding two fields results in a field that is not equal to the total of the fields; these phenomena are related to these processes and form a thriving area of physics.

The administration decided to uphold the quiz mistress’s decision without showing any bias as a result of these remarks.


The managing director went on to say that in order to guarantee justice in the contest judging process, they placed a high priority on treating all participating schools equally.

She therefore urged Prempeh College to resolve their complaints through legal channels as opposed to starting a social media smear campaign.

“I disagree, but accepting the result in good faith is graciousness in defeat,” the speaker remarked. “Sullying the reputation of the competition is not an action one takes when one is truly gracious in defeat.”

“We would like to reiterate that Primetime has no interest whatsoever in which school wins or loses a contest or, ultimately, the championship trophy. We place a very high premium on the integrity of the program and so go to great lengths, too numerous to recount here, to protect it.”


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